Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Deception of Cosmic Proportions By Heidi Swander

UFOs are real, they're just not from outer space. So says Chuck Missler in his informative book, Alien Encounters: The Secret Behind the UFO Phenomenon. Missler is convinced that the alleged aliens publicized these days are demonic forces, and equates them convincingly with the angels that co-habited with women in Genesis 6.

Stay with me for these few paragraphs and see if your curiosity isn't piqued just a bit. Granted, there are many details we don't know about the pre-flood days, but in my opinion, Missler's hypothesis fills in a lot of gaps (
Matt. 24:37).

Think about it. The Bible says, "The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows his handiwork" (Psalm 19:1). But talk of UFOs and aliens from outer space doesn't glorify God. To the contrary; you'd be very surprised at what they DO glorify.

For instance, these alleged extraterrestrials are big proponents of a new world order. According to Missler, "Throughout the history of alleged extraterrestrial contact there is one theme that dominates ETs' messages to mankind. In order to survive, we must unify our resources into a global society, with a world governing body and global religion." Sound familiar?

He then cites Brad Steiger, author of the book, The Fellowship: "Contactees have been told that the Space Beings hope to guide Earth to a period of great unification . . . The Space Beings also seek to bring about a single, solidified government, which will conduct itself on spiritual principles . . ."

Missler's conviction that these beings are demons is further strengthened by the fact that these alleged aliens are "coincidentally" concerned with the exact same philosophies espoused by the New Age movement! He says a vast majority of abductees "have shown an interest in paranormal activities, Eastern religions, and New Age world-view. A large percentage of abductees have also reported a history of involvement with Ouija boards, astrology, witchcraft, astral projection, telepathic communication, channeling, past life regressions, and the like."

In fact, apparently "one of the more common sources of information from extraterrestrials comes through channelers. Channeling [a practice prolific among followers of the New Age movement] is a process whereby an individual (the channel) allows him or herself to be entered or spoken through by a spiritual entity [read: demon]."

Missler also cites Jacques Vallee, world-renowned UFO researcher, who says, "The structure of abduction stories [is] identical to that of occult initiation rituals." These issues may seem far out, but they are germane to the subject of the end-times, which an increasing number of Christians believe we're living in right now!

And speaking of the end-times, I just have to share this with you. Apparently these ETs have a plan to "evacuate the millions of people who are 'out of vibration' with Earth Mother!" I kid you not! According to Missler, ET officionados explain that, "extraterrestrials will 'beam up' or levitate these individuals into hundreds of cloaked alien ships that are currently surrounding the Earth. When the global situation reaches a crisis point on Earth, they will evacuate these people in a 'twinkling of an eye.'" Apparently Satan feels an intense need to explain where millions of us have gone after the fact.

Admittedly, this is a subject that generates a lot of discussion! Some may say this is strange Star Wars or Twilight Zone talk, but it is actually thought-provoking apologetics to contemplate. But our central focus right now must continue to be to warn our loved ones of the danger looming over our world and to reach those who are lost with the good news of eternal salvation through Jesus Christ - while we still have time!

The Bible says there will be fearful sights and great signs from heaven in the last days (
Luke 21:11). I find it intriguing that the escalation of UFO activity began in 1948. Even back then the demonic world sensed that the rebirth of Israel was a sign that the time was short.

Take heart, friend! A good and perfect world government is coming -- the reign of Jesus Christ on this earth. If you know Jesus Christ personally you - as I - will be reigning with Him (
Rev. 20:6)! At that time Satan and his minions will be bound for a thousand years, summarily squashed in one last attempt to overthrow the King of kings, and then banished to the lake of fire for eternity.

Look up (
Luke 21:28). Our redemption is coming!!

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