Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Do Not Burn for Ministry by Susan Tang


Latest update from Pastor Susan Tang

Especially at a time like this – oh, how we need to get into the spirit of prayers and pleadings, how we need to have the Father Himself pour upon us the spirit of supplication from above. ( Zech 12:10)  Do not burn for ministry (that’s why people burn out) but burn for God. As you  burn for Him, He will  take you into a lot of places you do not want to go and also do a lot of things you do not want to do;  but as you submit to Him and go and do them as obeying Him,  there will be a  great sense of  fulfillment and joy. Joy and fulfillment is always  the  by product of obedience.

 That’s what Jesus meant when He said that His meat is to do the will of God. Meat is satisfying and it ‘substantiate’ our diet. Doing  God’s will, will indeed  ‘substantiate’  and  satisfy us. Remember Jesus  told  Peter  that when he (Peter) matured in the Lord, Peter will have to stretch out his hand and  be led ‘by another’  to do the things he did not want to do. Have you learned to be led ‘by another?’  The  ‘another’  is the Lord Himself  who come to test our spiritual  maturity by leading us into places  we do not want to go and doing the things which we do not like to do Like Peter, we must learn to submit..............

The quiet labor of prayers, of  watching and ministering to God had yielded much fruits, both in the church and school. The Lord had also  directed me to write two very timely books on the end times entitled,  “LIVING BETWEEN THE SEALS”  AND “MIDNIGHT PRAYERS.”  This book “ LIVING BETWEEN THE SEALS” had already been translated in India into  Tamil. Persecutions of  Christians in India  had been very  intense lately and God’s timing to have this book printed in Tamil is just  perfect.

Many had turned up for the training of WATCHMEN AND INTERCESSORS  in the first week since we initiated the training about two and a half years ago, but many did not  stay back for the follow up teaching of THE DEALINGS OF GOD AND INNER HEALING AND DELIVERANCE in the second week of school. Honestly, you  have almost missed the ‘CRUX’  of the school ! The lessons of the first week is merely to prepare you for the SECOND WEEK OF MORE INTENSE DEALINGS AND TEACHINGS FROM GOD  AND IN - DEPTH MINISTRY.

If we want to operate as priests, watchmen or intercessors, we have to know what are the dealings of God in our lives; we have to  be healed of deep inner hurts and come free of unclean spirits and familiar demons from the ancestry line.  The main  reason why people cannot prevail  in the presence of God,  cannot  understand the scriptures they read, cannot  hear from God is because of they have not been dislodged of such spirits. Many intercessors and watchmen hear from familiar spirits and have weird manifestations and leadings because they have not been thoroughly cleansed. I have seen many intercessors bring damage to individuals, churches and ministries because they mistook the spirit of clairvoyance  for the voice of the Holy Spirit. It is dangerous to build any  intercessory ministry when we have no corporate body to pray with us, or  have nobody to pray for us or when we become unaccountable to anyone.

Ministry of INNER HEALING AND DELIVERANCE is done very differently in the school – this is why crowds are not accepted – we minister as we teach. Deliverance and inner healing OCCURRED AND IS ACTIVELY WORKED INTO THE STUDENTS DURING CLASS TIME by the sharp word of God, who ‘discover’ sins and administer healing. The anointing is strong as we seek God corporately. Often, when a rebuke is given in general, spirits will surface as the Spirit of God moved actively in the anointed surroundings. God declared that “the anointing breaks the yoke,” and it happens here often in the classroom. The testimonies from pastors and lay leaders had been overwhelming. They had told us to keep their stories confidential, so we honor their requests and did not put in their testimonies.

Do not forget, as you apply for the 1st week of SOL WATCHMAN,   consider  the 2nd week too. Actually, the 1st week  of  the school is basically for the alumni and for those who could not take leave. To set aside two weeks for the change of a lifetime is SO LITTLE!  Many alumni return because  they want deeper impact. Beyond my wildest dream, God had truly turned this insignificant insecure town into the safest place,   by transforming it into the  ‘ ENHAKKORE’  or  “Spring of the Caller”  of  Judges 15:19.  Many who are thirsty,( nigh to death like Samson,) had come to  drink and be refreshed again to serve,( like Samson) for another twenty years! See you at the school!
Susan Tang

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