Sunday, August 22, 2010

City Harvest Cell Group Leaders earn Commission? Seriously? by Terence Lee

Source: SG Forums

Saw something in the forums today that utterly strains credulity. A "Gracehp" claims he or she heard from a church staff that City Harvest cell group leaders and all the church's pastors earn a commission by bringing people to church. In my seven years in church, I've never heard of such a thing. It is plausible if a few CGLs would dare try such a stunt... but this must be a joke.

Good for laughs really, Terence Lee

Today I met with a long lost secondary school friend who is working at city harvest now.

She revealed to me the secrets of how CHC and Kong Hee earns big bucks.

Actually, from cell group leaders all the way to Kong Hee earn a commission when they get new members to join the church.

For example, a member who earns 3k a month is recruited into the church. He donates 10% of his salary which is $300 a month to the church.

He will be introduced into a cell group and as long as the cell group leader(CGL) manage to make him stay and make him donate 10% of his salary every month, the CGL will earn a commission.

CGL earns 10% of $300 which is $30 a month. Each cell grup is estimated to have around 10 to 30 members so we shall take 20 members in a cell group as a example. The CGL will earn $30 multiply by 20 members which is already $600 a month.

On top of that, the CGL will encourage his cell group members to bring new members into the church in which he will get the commission which is $30 a month assuming the person earns 3k a month. The CGL does not tell his cell group members about this so his kum gong cell group members keep on brining in new members not knowing that its the CGL and the Pastors who benefits while they get nothing.

The Pastor gets a higher commission of 20% a member. So Pastor gets $60 a member. Each Pastor is in charge of around 10 cell groups and assuming each cell group have 20 members the Pastor gets $60 x 20 members x 10 cell groups= $12k a month.

Kong Hee gets the highest of 40% commission.

Assuming that there are 30,000 members in city harvest and each of them earns 3k a month, he earns $120 X 30,000 members = $3,600,000 a month which is even more than what our Ministers are earning.

The remaining 30% which is $90 multiply by 30,000 members=$2,700,000 goes into the church fund which is used to pay staff salaries, electricity bills, investment etc.

Do note that using 3k a month salary as a guideline is already very low as CHC is full of rich people who easily earn more than 3k a month.

On top of that, CGL and Pastors are entitled to claim for travelling expenses etc so their earnings are much more than that.

So people, next time when you want to donate 10% of your salary to CHC think carefully.


  1. 2Pe 2:3 And through covetousness they will use you for gain with well-turned words; for whom judgment from of old does not linger, and their destruction does not sleep.

    I wonder whether this verse applies to these church leaders?

  2. if this is not true, just some people make rumours, someone dont know and simply spread, that means that guys make alot of sins, how are you going to face god?

  3. I think it has been exagerated. However, read it with a pinch of salt. If this is true sooner or later the whole truth will surface. If this is just a rumor soon it will be forgotten. However, the Chinese proverb has this to say, "the wave will not roar, if there is no wind." We will listen with an open mind anything could happen in the time of deceit. Things that we would not want to believe have happened right before our eyes.