Saturday, August 14, 2010


If we have not ministered to God in our prayers and intercessions, then we have prayed amiss. In any prayer, God and His feelings should be our focus.

Prophecies Of Doom Because Of Compromised Gospel.

A Jewish prophetess uttered some very severe judgments of famine, persecutions and death over Malaysia and mentioned that God is deeply disappointed with the church in our nation because of her compromised gospel and also because He has so few friends here who can minister to Him and with whom He can share His heart with. The most frightening part of her prophecy was when she said that 97 percent of Christians in Malaysia will NOT make it into heaven. (In other words, only 3 percent of Christians are truly saved)

Because of pressing needs and increased fears many churches have learn to rise in prayers and intercession, of which we are truly thankful. Unfortunately, intercessors and watchmen can still pray amiss if we have not ministered to God by (i) making Him the FOCUS of all our prayers and (2) by sharing His pain and heart-brokenness over the conditions that are prevailing both in the church and in the world. How many of us are truly at that quiet place ‘within the veil'  where the resounding of God is undisturbed and is clearly heard and felt ? So often, because we cannot hear and feel what is in the heart of God, we allow self interest, people, etc to become the focus of our prayers instead of God.

God Must Find Expression In His People

Great intercessors like Abraham, Moses, Samuel, David, and Paul had their prayers focused on God because they could feel His pain, His yearnings and anguish. As a result they could successfully minister to Him by expressing back to Him what was in His heart. Mature intercessors do more than pray dutifully. Mature intercessors share God’s feelings. They could take His yoke, bear His burden and feel His ‘heart brokenness’ and they minister to Him by sharing His feelings and by expressing these feelings back to Him, because God does want us to express back to Him what is in His heart.

Yes, why couldn’t God hear His own pain and anguish uttered back to Him through us? . Isn’t it our privilege and honor to enter into such participation of pain and suffering with Him who had, Himself participated our human pains and sorrows too? Remember what Paul said about “knowing Him in the fellowship of His sufferings.” (Phllippines 3:10) As the Malaysian church matures, may God hear His own cries, desires, longings, anguish, yearnings and burdens expressed through us because in the final analysis, prayer is indeed God finding expression through human vessels. More over, we are His body, a part of Him.

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  1. Romans 11:33-36
    Job 41:10-11 and 42:5-6
    2 Timothy 3:12-15
    John 14 vv 15,21,23