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Ba’kalalan is a cluster of village located near the Sarawak /Sabah/Kalimantan border, some 2700 feet above sea level. Named after the Kelalan river which flows through the fertile area, it is home of the hospitable Lun Bawang people (formerly called Muruts).

Once fierce head-hunters given to excessive drinking and quarrels in the days of the Rajah Brooke. The early British colonia government had more or less left them to die out as a tribe because they were often “drunk before dawn”, plagued with diseases and deemed unsalvageable as a people. When the gospel reached them 60 years ago, their lifestyles changed. Prized heads inherited from their ancestor were destroyed. The drinking stopped. So did their animistic practices. Wholesale conversion of longhouses and villages took place. However, over the next thirty years, the fire dimmed and the Lun Bawang people became spiritually complacent and dry.

In 1984, an outpouring of the Spirit took place in the villages of Bakalalan. This visitation was accompanied with unusual signs and wonders; water changed to oil, rice to flour, fireballs and stars of fire lit up in the sky. There were angelic visitations. Central to this was a man of prayer and much humility called Agung Bangau. Just as God used Evan Roberts in Wales, am J Seymour in Azusa, Pak Agung (as he was known) was used of God as the point man. He used to foretell the appearance of many of the signs that appeared during the years of 1984-85. Both the timing and the nature of these unusual manifestations together with the prophetic words released by him brought the people into an awe and reverence of God and led to widespread repentance and worship. Some of the most beautiful singing you will ever hear in Sarawak are from this part of the world. It reminds you of what God did in Wales when new songs flowed from the softened hearts of previously crude, hardened coal miners.

Today we look at what God did in Bakalalan over 25 years ago. I had just arrived in Sabah then and had heard of revival but did not have the heart or means to visit Bakalalan. Today we won’t miss out. With us this morning is Roland Satu, a school principal in the days when the revival broke out, who will share with us a first-hand account of what God did. Also to give us a glimpse into the heart of his father, who went to be with the Lord in 1992, is Jeffry Agung, (son of Agung Bangau), now a pastor of a church near Kuching. Catch the fire of what God can do in our nation again. We are of all people, most blessed to have had revival, not just once, but twice since the formation of Malaysia. Do it again, Lord and start with us! By Dr. Phillip Lyn of Skyline SIB KK

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The International Revival Meeting

The International Revival Meeting is an annual prayer and revival meeting alternately held in the cool highlands of Ba Kelalan and Mount Murud. The meeting is run by the local Lun Bawang tribe and conducted in both English and Bahasa Malaysia.

History: The Revival Years

The years after the first revival in the late 1920's which saw a dramatic transformation to the people and the land, were bountiful and peaceful. Everyone in the village worships the God of Israel and professes Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. Little did they know that God had greater plans for them.

Teaching and Training in the Ways of God

In 26 October 1973, the bible school teachers from Theology School of Sijil Injil Borneo (SIB) Sarawak and Sabah conducted a Teacher's Seminar in Kampung Baru Theology School, Krayan, Indonesia. Participants came from all over Indonesia to learn all they can from the experienced teachers.

After the conference ended, Pak Tagal invited several Indonesian evangelists to visit SIB Buduk Nur, Ba Kelalan. These evangelists originated from Timur, Kopang and East Java where revival has taken place about 20 years before. Together they gave advice and guidance on how to harness the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Turning Point

This was the turning point where Pak Tagal learned about the mighty work of the Holy Spirit. A desire and deep longing came to his heart to hear what God has spoken or revealed to them through visions, prophecy or audible voice. He led a prayer group with like-minded souls and God, in His grace, imparted many gifts during this time to the group. Every vision and prophecy was subjected and filtered with the Word of God to verify that the source is indeed from God.

A man called Pa Agong Bangau and a lady called Maria Gukang were part of this prayer group. God raised them up as His spokespersons and gave them the gift of prophecy. Through Pa Agong, God revealed His plans and purposes to establish Mount Murud as the site for His church. The signs and wonders are listed here.

From 1975 when God first imparted the vision to the completion of the Church Camp building in 1990, He has unceasingly shown Himself faithful to finish the work He began in His peoples' hearts.

Read full article - "History of International Revival Meeting" and History of "Ba'Kelalan Miracles"

Many have come to seek the face of God in these meetings and have testified that their lives have been changed.

We invite you to join us if you can and have an encounter with God. Come with an expectant heart for God desires to pour out His Spirit to all who will receive it.

Now is the time for revival.

International Revival Meeting 2011
Date: 13th July 2011 - 18th July 2011
Venue: Gedung Haleluyah, Mount Murud, Sarawak

How to get there?

Bario and Bakelalan are encased in the heart of Borneo and accessible by Twin Otter planes operated by MASWings. The only other alternative access to Bakelalan is a 4 to 5-hour 4WD ride through winding logging tracks from Lawas town. MASWings flies daily to Bario from Miri and three times weekly to Ba Kelalan from Miri (Wednesdays) and via Lawas (Mondays and Saturdays).

Option 1: Ex Kuala Lumpur

Day 1 Fly from Kuala Lumpur to Miri with Malaysia Airlines or Airasia. Take a connecting flight to Lawas with MasWings. Overnight in Lawas.
*Limited accommodation available in Lawas.
Day 2 You can choose to take flight to Ba Kelalan (35mins) or 4x4WD (5-9 hrs) to Ba Kelalan
Day 3 Ba Kelalan – Lepo Bunga – Church Camp
Day 4 Church Camp
Day 5 Church Camp
Day 6 Church Camp
Day 7 Church Camp – Lepo Bunga – Ba Kelalan. Overnight in Ba Kelalan
Day 8 Fly out

Option 2: Ex Miri/ Ex Kota Kinabalu / Ex Brunei Darusallam

Day 1 Miri / KK / Brunei – Lawas (Overland/Fly). Overnight in Lawas
Day 2 Early in the morning depart by 4x4WD to Lepo Bunga. Ascending to Church Camp. Meeting commences
Day 3 Church Camp
Day 4 Church Camp
Day 5 Church Camp
Day 6 Church Camp – Lepo Bunga – Return to Lawas overland

More information here.

OR you can hike......

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