Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Learning to apply God’s truths by Ellel

Becoming a Christian and then living like a Christian can sometimes feel like two different things! We start out with good intentions and lapse with time, or perhaps it’s the other way around: we try hard to walk in faith but never really open ourselves up to the real healing work of God in our lives. Or perhaps we are completely new to the faith and wondering what it means now to live everyday as someone who really, truly lives the life of a follower of Jesus.

Whichever our starting point, Ellel 365 has produced a wonderful online resource to help believers at every stage get to grips with the basic truths of Christianity and how they can be applied to real life.

The word ‘application’ is an important one because this online course is all about coming out the other end genuinely changed - and that means not only absorbing God’s truth with our head, but also seeing how it perfectly answers all our doubts, fears and hurts.

The course has been lovingly put together by Peter Horrobin and the team at Ellel Ministries with the needs of hurting people particularly in mind.

If you have come to Christ but haven’t been able to drop the scars or baggage of the past, then this is a great course to consider.

Ellel 365 provides a daily teaching from Peter focusing on a different but essential aspect of faith each time, such as understanding that we are made in God’s image or discovering how to break free from sin or the legacy of an unpleasant or traumatic experience.

Peter doesn’t just rattle off a few short truths for us to nibble on. Instead he spends time providing us with the wider context of how each teaching fits into the world at large before honing in on what it means for us personally and the transformation it can lead to if we learn to apply it.

The daily teachings are short enough for us to make time for on a daily basis, but lengthy enough to offer plenty to reflect on and digest throughout the day. Importantly, Ellel stresses that the teachings are not meant to replace actual scripture reading and users are encouraged to have their Bibles to hand so that they can look up the references to Bible verses as they go along.

There are also useful teaching videos and audio resources that summarise some of the main points from the daily teachings, as well as a Q and A forum where questions can be put to the Ellel staff, and a community forum where subscribers can share their journey with other users. And if you fall behind you can always pause the daily teachings so that you don’t miss out on any lessons.

If you are looking for way to focus on your faith and spiritual development every day, then we recommend you give it a try.

Ellel 365 can be tried out for free at:

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