Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Kong Hee and the scandal that rocks the Church by Dr Paul Choo

Christians ought to stand up against deceivers that have deceived the Church with their message of prosperity and health, and we need to say what it is as it is, a Scam. Kong Hee and Sun Ho with their abuse and misuse of funds should serve as a warning to all wolves in sheep clothing to be aware that God will judge, in this life or next for the evil and greed in your heart. The video below is a great sermon by Dr Paul Choo on Prosperity Gospel and how it is NOT the Gospel or the message has for the Church but another great lie that has ensnared many people, and people who perpetrated such lies are among many like Kong Hee.


  1. People are so guillible and naive and never read the Bible to determine the Truth.

    Kong Hee and cronies are all part of a worldwide scam to cheat people and plant the devils works by stealing and destroying lives.

    We should ask who are the real masterminds behind the rise of City Harvet. CAD, Police and Interpol should coordinate their investigations as these are international crimes being commited.

  2. Kong Hee's mentor is none other than Canon James Wong, a charismatic heretic. He started many groups like Tung Ling and Full Gospel Businessmen Fellowship which also promotes heresies Word Faith and Prosperity Gospel.

    Many are fooled by these groups and are linked by a network of devil worshippers.

    Problem is mainstream churches are silent and silly to allow their members to partake of devil worshipping.

  3. Kong Hee has adopted a godfather name Isaac Lim someone said an ex-methodist trac president who is also a heretic. He adopts false teachings and stole from his own church. BUT according to TRAC, his case was voted 3 vs 2 not to proceed with disciplining him. Some also disclosed he stole funds !

    Like father like adopted son eh matey!

  4. Truth be told, Kong Hee copied from heretics like Benny Hinn, Joseph Prince Prsperity Gospel teachings and obviously Cho Yonggi 4th dimension and Word Faith heresies.

    Many churches are also infected with such cancers and now they see the follies lead by Isaac and cronies. If his godson was involved then Trac is also part of the City Harvest Prosperity Gospel if lead by such a dangerous falsehood! Or are there more sensible real Christians out there! Maybe Canon James Wong can be asked in a Court what Word Faith movement is he alligned with!
    Tung Ling is a definite Word Faith group to avoid at all costs and false degrees given.

    I was sharing and a friend showed Kong Hee's papermill degree from NCIU supposedly a university but not. It woukd seem someone lied from day 1. Pringle the caretaker is ionvolved as well.

    Hey POLICE are you investigating FRAUDS? We need protection from scammers and conmen when churches are not doing their shepherding jobs properly.

  5. More investigations are needed to reveal hidden assets of kong's gang. Surely 50millions are not just simple changes. If you add uP all the gangs and masterminds their ill-gotten gains could be as high as 500millions hidden outside Singapore already. If Inland Revenue checks on all their foriegn assets, they probably hide in their relatives' names.