Friday, September 2, 2011


by Raheli.

I had a vision a few years ago. I’d been going through the mill for many years and was getting fed up with everything going wrong, and I asked the Lord how much more was He going to put me through, because I thought I’d been through enough.

I had a vision of a huge cauldron that was sat on a load of flaming logs, and as I was telling the Lord that I’d had enough refining, He chucked more logs on the fire and the flames went higher and loads of black chunks kept floating to the top of the bubbling cauldron. Then I saw a large ladle which kept skimming off the black chunks that had floated to the top.

Then I realized that this is how gold or any other precious metal is made (I worked in a steel mill at the time, so I knew what I was seeing). The more heat you apply to metal, the more the impurities float to the top and they have to be skimmed off, so that in the end you are left with a pure metal.

I believe this is what the Lord has been doing with me for over 4 decades (which just goes to show you how sinful the human heart is). My prayer for years has been ‘Lord, burn up the dross’ – and He’s been doing exactly that! It’s not comfortable in the furnace, of course [!!]...


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