Saturday, June 14, 2014

Beware Of The Enemy Within! by Randy Sanford

REFERENCE: Numbers 33:55 But if you fail to drive out the people who live in the land, those who remain will be like splinters in your eyes and thorns in your sides. They will harass you in the land where you live.

OBSERVATION: This is a physical picture of a powerful spiritual truth. When we come to Jesus and accept Him as our savior, there may be things in our lives that are of our old way of living, things of the flesh and not the spirit. Or it may be that as we serve God over the years, those kinds of sinful habits or ways of thinking slip in.
What we need to see from this verse is that if they are not dealt with, if we compromise with them because they are too difficult to remove, they will remain a cause of pain, disability and harassment in our lives.

Instead, we need to be aggressive. Whatever it takes, no matter how hard, we have to root out this foe. Israel's unconfronted enemies keep them from ever laying a hold of all God had promised them. It is no different for us.

APPLICATION/CONFESSION: Compromise is easy. I know better than to make the big compromises. I’m faithful to my wife. I don’t steal. But, there are areas of my life that I know God has put His finger on and ask me to change. I know that I am less effective than I could be because I have not yet destroyed those enemies of my soul.

PRAYER: Give me the strength Lord. I want victory--complete and absolute. I want to destroy every enemy of my soul that I have allowed to remain in residence. I know that it only comes by Your power but I ask You for it.

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