Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Christian - BIG ISSUES!

NOTE:  From a wife whose marriage has been damaged by these things...

BIG ISSUES - by Anon.

Dateline ran an episode regarding husbands who are addicted to video games which is causing about 48% of the divorce rate, even in the church.  50% is caused by P0-RN use.  The rest is financial or other issues.  Pastor Hagee's son preached on how many men in their church he has counseled because of the gaming addiction, leaving wives abandoned and children orphaned.  He suggested on TV that the wives should take a hammer to the PlayStations. When a husband protested, he said, "Brother you vowed to forsake all others for your wife and that includes Sony."

I myself have been guilty of throwing laptops in the pool or smashing them on the ground after finding P0-RN videos on my husband's computer. I got the DVD's "Helping Her Heal" by Douglas Weiss from a sex addiction program and my husband refused to watch it. Even him watching it would bring healing as it validates me and brings understanding to my behavior because of the damage he has done to my heart...

How do you address the issue of Christian husbands dabbling in the occult via these video games that involve divination, necromancy, spells, witchcraft, etc? I believe it opens the door to these demonic spirits. As I have had first hand experience in this matter and have seen manifestations of these demonic beings. This isn't something we want to bring into our homes or pass on to our kids. What about the excuse, "Oh it is only a game.  There is no sin in it."  Like going to a psychic or reading your horoscope.  Just fun and games, they say.  If it is so harmless or inocent, why are families being divorced over it?

How do you address people who recite a prayer confessing Jesus as being the son of God and the way, and never change?  Is this believing in their hearts, or are they giving mental accent to Jesus just as we would believe in "Abe Lincoln"?  I thought the baptism in water was to represent death to sin and self and living unto righteousness instead of a free hall pass to do as you please thinking you have purchased your fire insurance.  I was always taught that some receive the seed joyfully, but because of other things they fall away and never bear fruit. Are these the ones that get cut down because the axe is being laid to the root? Are these folks really saved even if they receive the word with joy and it never produces any fruit and they remain wallowing in the mud and eating their own vomit like a dog?  Real sheep don't do that.  Real Christianity is about death to self, picking up your cross and following Jesus in obedience... families and marriages are suffering because of this.

Dateline should not be the one leading the way in exposing these things.  The church should be.  If people could find help in these issues because it is being addressed, more would come to church. My biggest hurt, suffering and pain are coming from these issues and I need healing from the pain it brings, and you won't get that in a church that doesn't know about it or address it strongly.

Please help the women, children, marriages and families and wake these hypnotized men up.

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