Friday, August 19, 2011


by Perry Stone (Voice of Evangelism)

I recall in 1999 that my dear friend and ministry partner Emmy Piper came to my office with her husband Bob and sat down across from my desk, with that huge purse she used to carry strapped over her shoulder. She leaned over like she had a secret to reveal.

She said, “I was praying last night and the Lord told me that gold was going over one thousand dollars an ounce in the future.” I was curious about her strange and “unlikely” prediction, (since gold was about $230 an ounce), so I asked her to accompany me to a local jeweler to see a Christian brother who is quite knowledgeable in stocks, bonds and gold.

The time will come that gold will become the cheapest commodity you can find, as you will walk on streets of gold in heaven!

I asked Emmy to explain to our friend what she heard the Lord tell her about gold. She did. He looked up the gold prices on the computer and smiled. He said that he did not doubt that the Lord had spoken to her, but he didn’t know what would occur in the future to bring gold prices to such a record level. I suggested he listen to her as she was quite a prayer warrior.

Just the other day, gold rose to $1,385.00 an ounce. If a person would have purchased a one ounce gold eagle coin about ten years ago, they would have profited about $1,100.00 a coin if they were to sell it right now. A few of the anti-gold and pro-stock specialists will tell you that with the rise in inflation, gold is only keeping up with the inflation ratio. I’ll let the investment “specialists” argue that. The point is, Emmy did hear a word and it has happened. I personally believe that the precious metal prices will fluctuate, but if there is a major economic hit or a future war that causes oil to rise, then it is possible that the price could rise even higher.

Recently, a former Federal Reserve banker warned that the Reserve was making a mistake by printing additional billions in dollars. He said that if a person were to invest in gold they should do so now, because as the foreign nations realize what is occurring they will buy up the gold, causing a gold shortage and a huge rise in the prices. As I write this I am reminded of the warnings of the prophets, that the time will come when food will become more valuable than gold, as men will “throw their gold in the streets.”

Thus, the greatest “investment” will be to invest in the eternal kingdom – the kingdom of God. When we place our financial gifts in a church or ministry that is providing for the poor, supplying missionaries for world evangelism, spreading the message of the gospel, and doing the work of the kingdom, then that is an investment that will never fluctuate and will gain a reward that will endure for the ages! The time will come that gold will become the cheapest commodity you can find, as you will walk on streets of gold in heaven!

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