Monday, August 15, 2011

Does Our Love of Christ Make Us Easy Pray For Hustling Preachers?

Preacher Bureau of Investigations

New Orleans, Louisiana - Christianity at its core is a religion that encourages its believers to represent Jesus Christ in all interactions and to respect the head of the church, but does our faith make us easy prey for False Prophets? Like many of you I grew up in a very traditional Baptist church where the Pastor’s most famous rebuttal was “don’t question it because it’s God.”

My Grandmother really took this literally and never ever questioned the Pastor regardless of his lifestyle or offset doctrine. As we all grow older many of us left that Church to find ministries that were more in line with our interpretation of scriptures, but my grandmother stayed there. It was hard to leave her behind but she had been in that church ever since she was a little girl and could not imagine joining another church.

Eventually a coup erupted in that church which split it directly up the middle and the Pastor was forced out after almost 25 years of stealing and depleting the resources of the church.

Every accusation you can charge a Preacher with this guy was accused of by his members, yet many in the church would not leave. My Grandma would always tell us with a very firm tone in her voice to keep our lips off the Pastor; therefore many of my siblings and cousins grow up with a fear of even questioning the integrity issues of that Pastor.

We had witnessed with our own eyes the Pastor’s romantic involvement with a 19 year old church member, even driving up to Southern University on Saturdays to date her. Eventually she became pregnant with his second child born outside of his marriage by a member of the congregation, but my Grandmother reply was always the same “keep your lips off the Pastor.”

Even now, with the creation of the Church Folk Revolution I can still hear her voice and being that she is still with us (and is mentally sharp as a mathematician) I wouldn’t dare let her know about this site (LOL). My question now is the same as it was in 1989; as faithful believers how do we remain faithful servants in the mist of corrupt leadership?

Many of us were programmed with the same command which states that you don’t question it because it is God’s will, but is it really? Whenever I hear that statement it reminds me of the biblical mind control tactics that the American Slave Master would employ in order to physically and spiritually control the minds of my ancestors.

The role as Pastor presents a few wonderful opportunities for an opportunistic Pastor.

As Pastor of a church you are entitled to a very generous salary for only a few hours of work. As Pastor, you often make the final decision on the investment of Church resources as well as the salaries of staff members. As Pastors there will always be someone in the church that is star struck by your charismatic gifts, making them easy prey for sexual encounters. As pastor you have the opportunity to monetize your salary with books and CD albums of your sermons.

As you can clearly see, the role of Pastor comes with many benefits, some far too great for a hustler to resist.

I’m sorry Grandma but keeping my lips of the Pastor is becoming almost an impossible task in this day and age, especially since many of these Pastors provide us with enormous amounts of scandalous content every day. Our respect for the Pastor and our love for Christ have left the door open for some very questionable characters to enter our ministries, but all is not lost.

As the body of Christ we still have the same rights as the Children of Israel to demand men of integrity to sit as Sheppard’s of the church. How to raise the standard and quality of the men who would serve as Pastors of the church is not for me to mandate but is the sole responsibility of the congregation. If your church is in need of a Pastor then I strongly advise you against selecting one simply based on their ability to preach.

History has taught us that standing in the pulpit and delivering a message is the easy part, resisting the temptation to sleep with the women in the congregation and indulging in the church resources takes a real man of God.

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